4 Key Reasons for your SUCCESS with Inox Wind

Company Fundamentals

  • Inox is a leader in diversified businesses
  • Excellent rating and reputation in existing businesses
  • Strong financials/profitability
  • Proven track record of promoters

Selection of Turbine

  • Latest technology best suited for Indian climatic conditions
  • More than 9000 turbines running globally on similar technology
  • Competitive capital and operational cost
  • Major components sourced from reputed global suppliers

Project Capability & Wind Resource Assessment

  • Clear land title and land bank
  • Strong infrastructure development capability
  • Power evacuation readiness prior to commissioning of turbines
  • Highly reliable wind resource assessment

Sales Support

  • Highly dedicated and responsive CRM team
  • Transparent sharing of performance data
  • Experienced, efficient and dedicated O & M team
  • Upto date indepth knowledge of regulatory and policy frame work