At a Glance

Inox Renewables is a fully integrated player in the wind energy market with state-of-the-art manufacturing plants near Ahmedabad (Gujarat) for Blades & Towers and at Una (Himachal Pradesh) for Hubs & Nacelles.

Inox Renewables manufactures the key components to ensure high quality, most advanced technology, reliability and cost competitiveness.

Inox Renewables's WTGs are designed keeping in mind India's low wind sites and climatic conditions. Based on available data, Inox WTGs are expected to be around 6% - 18% more efficient than comparable WTGs presently being offered by the competition in India.

Inox Renewables has an extremely robust,energetic and experienced wind team comprising of experts across all relevant fields/verticals.

Inox Renewables is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company for its management systems pertaining to manufacturing, installation, commissioning and O&M of wind turbines.

Inox Renewables turbines are C-WET (part of MNRE) approved and Type Certified.