Operation and Maintenance

At Inox Wind, we realize that the uptime of the Wind Turbine Generator is critical to its output and the WTG must always be in a state of readiness to capture the energy in the wind. Our Operation and Maintenance program is structured to ensure highest machine availability throughout the life span of the WTG and thereby ensuring maximum return on investment for our customers.

We achieve this through a clearly structured O & M organization consisting of dedicated teams for:-

  • Operations, to take care of routine activities, unexpected breakdowns and maintenance.
  • Maintenance team, to carryout preventive maintenance activities in quarterly, half yearly and yearly schedules along with critical monitoring activities.
  • Core team located centrally to advise the site teams on technical matters, feedback, troubleshooting and to carryout continuous improvement processes.

Our committed and highly skilled teams are available round the clock at the wind farm sites for quick response and resolution of problems. We ensure that all critical and essential spares are stocked in the “Spares Store” located right at the wind farm site office so that the downtime due to non-availability of spares is eliminated.

Our comprehensive O & M program encompasses:-

  • Scheduled Maintenance.
  • Breakdown Maintenance.
  • Maintenance of Power Evacuation facilities including transmission lines, wind farm substation and up to Utility connecting point.
  • Remote Monitoring.
  • Routine information to customers on power generation and performance.
  • Technical Up gradation as necessary for optimized performance.
  • Maintaining cordial relationship will all stakeholders at wind farm site and neighboring areas.
  • Ensure safe operations.