Salient Features & Advantages
  • Double Fed Induction Generator - increased power output & reduced reactive losses
  • Patented integral drive train incorporating rotor shaft and gearbox as a single unit – less turbine weight, less moving parts resulting in ease of O & M
  • One of the largest rotor diameter's (93 M) in its class – resulting in higher swept area and consequently higher energy yield
  • Hub-height of 80 meters – to capture better wind speeds
  • Superior power curve – one of lowest cut-in (3m/s) and rated wind speed’s (11.5m/s) resulting in higher power generation
  • Advanced electronic control systems resulting in higher machine uptime
  • Many more technological enhancements such as using capacitors instead of battery banks which increases machine uptime

All critical key components are sourced from reputed global suppliers to ensure high efficiency and reliability of turbines.

Power Curve